Soundschool specialises in bringing primary school topics to life. We also create inspirational documentaries for adults ranging from oral and social history to programmes digging deep into community life. Other programmes focus on and work with people  with learning difficulties and memory problems.

We make radio-style programmes about the topic work done in school. They're often news magazine programmes, taking the creativity,  imagination, excitement and fun of radio into the classroom. They're a powerful tool in the boosting of reading, writing, speaking, self-confidence and social interaction.

The making of a programme involves research, role plays, drama, news, script writing, music and much, much more.


Sound editing

It's all done with colour and humour and fun.

Two recent programmes with Lincolnshire schools moved the Soundschool approach to a different level. We actually became a part of the school topics....a serious tool in the schools' literacy programme . The schools, parents, education advisors and the literacy programme producers were highly impressed.


We also work very successfully with learning disabled students and adults and with dementia groups  on programmes which both highlight and inspire team working, friendship, confidence , speaking and  self-worth  and help to  re-ignite memories.

Soundschool has also created several highly ambitious oral history projects, including six documentary programmes recalling life in five Lincolnshire villages in the forties, fifties, and sixties and a programme based on the World War 2 memories of a group of day centre users.


Talk to us about your budget limits and we'll work out what can be done within that budget. We're very flexible and even the biggest projects can be achieved for a very reasonable price.

There is no charge for travelling or planning time.