Oral history....the recording of living memories of times gone by....is a fast-growing trend.  

Soundschool’s professional roots in BBC radio production, interviewing, and story-telling have helped local communities, libraries and historians to capture the past by recording it straight from the horse’s mouth.  

In one living history project Soundschool was commissioned by the Grimsby Library service to produce six audio documentaries looking at village life in the mid part of the 20th century, brought to life through the voices of those who lived through the period in five Lincolnshire villages. 

(Photographs reproduced courtesy of Grimsby Library Local History Collection) 



Stimulating memory is these days a key issue in health and social care. 

It's also a key to the success of groups who meet to share memories, meet up with friends, and re-capture the cameraderie  and humour of the past , bringing it to life in the full colour world of their minds. Groups like Sporting Memories, run on a weekly basis by Lincs Inspire Libraries. 



We've recently produced a 45 minute documentary based entirely on the World War Two memories of several groups of day centre users in Cleethorpes with memory problems in varying degrees.

Soundschool has also produced two 15 minute radio-based memory montages for St Andrew’s Hospice in Grimsby involving day-patients recalling schooldays and winters past. 

Careful and sensitive editing and the sparing addition of music created two pieces crackling with energy and humour...and inspired much more discussion and recollection in later sessions.